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It’s a safe bet most companies depend on trade shows for sales. Why Participate in Trade Shows? It's tough for mid-sized companies to compete in a tradeshow environment, without an internal marketing team. And, it certainly doesn't make sense to pay storage fees on an exhibit that's warehoused 98% of the year. So maximize your trade show budget and minimize your trade show hassles by having us do the job.

We can handle everything from transportation, storage, installation, take-down and show management to design, graphics and custom fabrication of your exhibit. But typically we provide an exhibit featuring compact 10' x 8' pop-up display. It includes lights, a case-to-counter conversion system that packs into a single wheeled case for ease of transportation and sets up in seconds without tools.

The surface can have a pre-printed graphic design. But, we suggest using artwork that can be attached with Velcro. This allows for quick change out of a product, price, image and the like, without having to completely redo the entire graphic. Trade Show Tips

Naturally, our design team can work with you in creating the perfect layout for the display. Meanwhile, the team also prepares collateral material for the show. All that's needed to ensure a successful show is provided by Talahi's talented staff. We'll even work with the particular trade show representatives to make sure everything's in place once you arrive for the event. Whatever your needs may be, we'd love to have the privilege of working with you. Please give us a call and we'll get together to discuss your next show!