California’s towering Sierra Nevada are amongst the most beautiful mountains in the world. Whatever the season, Mother Nature treats you to breathtaking scenes, using them as a backdrop. Dipping her brush into a palette, containing every color of the rainbow, her artistic strokes highlight the streams, trees, stars, lakes, flowers, sky, abundant wildlife, clouds, chiseled granite and everything else in her domain.

The Sierra Gateway Map Guide provides great insight into many fantastic "off the beaten path" destinations. Many travelers, foreign and domestic, yearn to see the back roads. Naturally, the well known locations - Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks - are well documented herein. But what lies around and in between them? Step into the Sierra Gateway Map Guide and see for yourself.

The authors have based this Guide on their popular interactive Internet creation, the Using this web based tool, anyone, anywhere in the world, can get a wonderful insight into the incredible beauty that awaits them, in and around the Sierra Nevada. In the comfort of their home, families can review destinations, determine what activities are offered, see accommodations that are available and contact local businesses, directly via email or by clicking on one of the hundreds of linked merchant websites.

This Guide is your travel companion as its presents scores of detailed maps, hundreds of full-color photographs and excellent up-to-date information on what to see, where to stay and things to do, year around. Find a Kiosk with a computer and Email a merchant, ask a question, make a reservation. It is designed to fit into your purse, backpack, glove box or pocket as you travel It will help you figure how to get from here to there and everywhere in between!
Meanwhile, if you have a question, at home, or on the road, Email the authors. They’ll help make your visit fantastic!