Choosing a Computer System
It Can Be Frustrating
When You're Confronted With All the Options!
Web Designer
Pick almost any magazine or newspaper, and you'll see an invitation to buy this computer system or that computer system! Friends and friends of friends, will offer you a "great" deal, on a unit they no longer use. Discount stores have several systems from which to select. Dell, HP, Compac and Gateway are all over the Internet!

Meanwhile, what's a gigabite! Where does the RAM go? Why do I need one? Next, do I get a hard drive, floppy drive, zip drive, or all three? The CD versus DVD discussion comes along and who really knows the answer to that?

Then there's the monitor to consider. What size do you want? What's the resolution? Where's the beef? Opps! Once you get all the information collected, which device do you use to print your documents and pictures?

All kidding aside, it can be interesting, to say the least, when it comes to deciding which computer system is best for you and your business. That's where we can be of assistance. We'll sit down with you and analyze your system requirements.

Give us a call: (559) 324-0474. We can't help unless you ask!