Networking Benefits Should Be Used
By Home Based Users
As Well As The Business Community!
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Talahi Media Arts is a home-based business, featuring four Dell and two Gateway Pentium Computers, three printers and two scanners. It is all networked by a Novell Server System. The units also share hard drives, zip drives, dvd/cd drives, printers and the scanners through a Microsoft networking program. The Interenet is accessed via Starband Satellite broadband. We do have a dial-up for emergency backup access.

Networks allow access to shared files, which can be monitored by security programs. They also create statistical data in regard to whom is using what files and for how long. The use of networks can actually reduce your overall costs for computer equipment. No longer does each PC system require it's own printer. Printing can be shared by many units.

Many families and small business operations are now benefiting from "home" networks. One phone line Internet connection can be used by multiple systems simultaneously, thus reducing the number of lines needed.

Our staff includes both a Certified Novell Administrator and a Microsoft networking specialist. They are available to meet with you to discuss you current and or future requirements.

You know the rule - we don't know you're there unless you call!