It's Fairly Easy to Maintain
Your Own Computer System!
Here's Some Hints!
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Microsoft has developed a helpful "Maintenance" wizard to check your hard disk for problems, manage hard disk space, delete unnecessary files and help your programs run faster.

This is accomplished with the combined functions of ScanDisk, Disk Cleanup, Disk Degragmenter, Compression Agent and other tools. You can even schedule these tools to run on a regular basis.

While we're chatting about a regular basis, don't forget to develop a Back-up plan for your data. Once you have formulated that plan, use it! There's hardly a worse feeling than to lose data that you could have easily backed up on a regular basis.

If you printer has an ink cleaning button, be sure to use it frequently. If you have an ink jet printer that doesn't get much use, be careful. If you let it sit for weeks at a time without printing any data, the ink jets can become clogged. It is then usually cheaper to buy another printer than to have it fixed!

Now, here's a little switch! No need to call us this time. Just do the routine stuff and your system will probably run longer, faster and better!