Hey Honey! The Computer Boxes
Came Today. I Opened Them Up
But Don't Know To Do Now!
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Once you receive you system components, several other decisions come into play. Where's the safest place to set up the computer? What type of surge protection has been selected to protect the units from electrical spikes or damage from over-energized phone lines? How will multiple units be networked together for maximum efficiency. Do all the systems need to access the Internet and Email retrieval systems?

Do you have furniture that will accommodate the system in a relatively small place? If you have small children, how will you keep them away from the equipment. As you most likely know, electrical equipment - especially computers - don't like liquid, among other things known to hang out with kids!

Depending upon where you purchased your system, directions to hook it all together can be excellent to "missing". Rest assured, it's not brain surgery (that's why we can handle it)! Many times we can actually "walk" you through the steps over the phone.

Again, we're here to help, and certainly can't assist you, unless you call us at 324-0474.