How to Develop A website
So You Can Measure It's Merit

Using the Internet Effectively

User testing can be quite simple and inexpensive. Its value is tremendous. Users are happy when they can easily use and benefit from your site. They're unhappy when they canít. You donít want to drive them away. And when you can get them, you want to keep them! So what works and what doesn't? Usability is perhaps the most commonly overlooked and/or misunderstood component on the Internet.

It is often overlooked as its dollar value is difficult to measure outside of potentially complex and expensive user testing. These assumptions about user testing are most often inaccurate. , In the context of the Internet, usability is essentially the science of applying common sense and a touch of psychology to interfaces and layouts. From creating obvious and sensible navigation, to laying out pages in an easily readable format, to placing common buttons in common locations, usability is an invaluable resource to tap.
  • Navigation
    Is it easy to navigate your site? Is navigation consistent throughout the website?
  • Consistent Use of Color
    Is their a single color theme? Use the same colors throughout the site to reinforce your brand and provide consistency.
  • Layout Consistency
    The layout of pages must be very consistent. 
  • Simplicity
    S ites should be designed to convey information to visitors in a speedy, easy to understand, easy to read manner. Avoid Flash, sound, animations. Use a simple design with text that is communicated in a direct and memorable fashion.