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Improves Your website Rankings

Improve Your Rankings

Optimizing web pages is a terrific way to improve how search engines rank your website. Drawing on sophisticated software and the latest in search engine research, we can make slight (and not so slight) changes to your pages to give them the best chance possible at ranking highly with the search engines. Using a little common sense as well as professional knowledge about websites and the Internet is the best long term strategy to good search engine rankings. Another method is website Promotion.

Driving Factors

Going beyond just web page optimization, other factors can influence how well your website is ranked by the search engines:

  • The names of the pages and files in your website
  • The directory names in your website
  • Whether or not certain pages (e.g. Site Map, Links) are present
  • What is contained in your META tags, how they're positioned, etc.
  • Accessibility considerations (e.g. ALT tags, TITLE tags, etc.)
Staying Smart, Avoiding Tricks

Some companies will promise 1st place rankings to their unsuspecting clients. Typically these companies will employ the latest and greatest tricks of the trade to get you there. Our experience here has been that these tricks are temporary and will only punish your site in the long term. Contact us today to find out how we can help.