Perhaps A Little Website
Tuneup Is Necessary!

Is It Time for a Change?

Many of our Internet clients originally had someone else create their website for them.
“My neighbor’s husband’s brother-in-law, John, knows computers. We're going to have him build our site” This is probably the single largest and most common mistake people make when having a website built. Click for a larger image.If you think you are going to save thousands of dollars and receive professional results, you are going to be sorely mistaken. Although John may know a little about building basic web pages and manipulating pictures, he will almost certainly miss many important aspects of site design, not to mention site management, promotion, analysis, usability, accessibility, etc. After all, John was a junior in high school.

Businesses who undertake this low cost approach will be disappointed in the results. Their website will lack focus, cohesion and direction. Eventually, these business members seek out a professional company to put them on the right track.

Who Do You Trust?

You wouldn’t entrust someone with an interest in watching ‘Boston Legal ’ to serve as your attorney in a major legal battle, no matter how close of a friend they were or how well they could pronounce 'I object'. You would trust the professionals – that’s us but not for legal matters - we tend to focus on multimedia projects - but we do like 'Boston Legal').
When you reach a point where you feel your current requirements have changed and want a real professional look, please give us a call.

Special Offer for Website Review

We have a program where we will review your website for a $200 fee and give you a professional opinion of what works and what may not work. If you decide to have us do your updates, we apply the $200 toward the project cost.

It's our job to help you make good decisions regarding your website experience.

We're not in the phone book, but we're on the Internet!