Firm Estimates Quoted Upon Project Review.
All Quotes Are Based
on The Basic Hourly Rates Below

What's A Website Going to Cost?

We strive to provide your organization with an affordable Internet market experience. After meeting with you, we present a quote based upon your specific needs. However, most clients always want a quick "ballpark" cost. So, let's go out to the "ballpark".
We can provide most business operations an effective one to six-page website for $1,995. Additional pages are $195. This price is based upon you providing us with pictures and text. Clients that require custom programming, flash projects, full on-line catalog stores and large database structures have very comprehensive needs. These websites are bid individually, based on the rates listed below. Once developed and online, each website will have it's own unique Monthly Maintenance Program.

Maintenance and Promotion

We don't let your site get stagnant or out of touch - as your business changes. Working together we: Analyze what works and what doesn't. Brainstorm new ideas. Implement your ideas and changes. Promote your updated site. See how the changes perform. Start all over again. Basic Maintenance is $50 per month.

Copy Editing (per page)
Graphic Services
$  50
Copy Writing
HTML, JavaScript, Php, Programming
$  50
Data Base Management
Photography - Still (Per day $600)
$  95
Design/Graphic Services
Photography - Video (Per day $1,100)
Editing Services
Script Development
$  65
E-commerce Consulting
Site Maintenance
$  50
Flash Animation  
Sound Editing
$  60
GFI Animation
Video Editing
$  95