It's Important to Maintain Your website!
We Have a Complete Strategy for Success
Use Your Advertising Budget Effectively

A terrific benefit to using your advertising dollars on your website is the ease with which you can change the content! Unlike Yellow Page ads, for instance, you can modify anything you like. Immediately. Once your website is on-line, you can't sit back and relax. Analyze it. Update It. Promote It. It's a continuing process to think of ways to use it effectively. You can bet your competitor is!

Monthly Maintenance Program

We develop a comprehensive monthly maintenance program for all clients. It is designed specially for the needs of your particular business and includes programming updates, graphic integration, e-commerce updates, hosting, site placement analysis, site promotional assistance and a printout of important website statistical tracking data. This data helps you understand what is working and what needs to be modified. The updates help to show your current and prospective clients that you are attentive to their needs and they should always review your site before making certain decisions. Basic maintenance is $100 per month.

Why Have Monthly Maintenance?

First, you're making an additional monthly investment to ensure you have an effective online tool. Second, this investment is an incentive to assist us in a regular cycle of site analysis, updates and promotion. Proper maintenance is paramount for success. When you offer new products or services, get involved in the community, release new financial reports, have new job opportunities, undergo organizational changes or are recognized by others for outstanding achievements your visitors need to know. Since our experience has shown us that clients without a regular plan to review, update and promote their online investment are much less successful.

What is the Cycle of a website?

A website cycle is the analysis, updates and promotion of the site. When one of these components is missing, your business will not achieve what you desire. Promotion and maintenance are the keys to keeping this important cycle moving. View your site as a staff member. It's as important as your top sales personnel. When given guidance, achievable goals and the proper information, it will succeed. If left alone for months at a time, productivity will slip. Our monthly maintenance program doesn't let your site get stagnant or out of touch - as your business changes. Working together we:
Analyze what works and what doesn't. Brainstorm new ideas. Implement your ideas and changes. Promote your updated site. See how the changes perform. Start all over again.