Site Hosting Services

What Are Hosting Services?

Once a website has been completed, it must be placed on the Internet to be viewed. This process is called "Hosting". It's very similar to having a postal box that is available to anyone in the world that may want to contact you once they know your address.

How Do You Access websites?

To reach the Internet, you need a connection source. The most common are dial-up, cable DSL and T-1 or Satellite Broadband. The service will cost between $10 to $70 per month, depending upon the type and speed of the service you select. We do offer recommmendations for those without an Internet connection source, but we do not offer this service directly.
In California, we suggest you contact your local telephone service company, ATT Internet or you can try StarBand Satellite, ComCast, Sierra Telephone, Net Zero and ProtoSource.

How is Your Site Hosted?

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive and cost effective Hosting Program exclusively for our clients. The cost is built into your Monthly Maintenance Program, along with your annual domain name registration fees. Since we handle all these factors in the Maintenance Program, our clients never have to worry about a domain name expiring or your site being offline because someone forgot to send in the hosting fee in a timely manner. You’ll be pleased to see we have features available that are not usually offered by most companies hosting websites.

  • Autoresponse to visitors
  • CGI-BIN directory access
  • Chat Room!
  • DB Storage/Retrieval
  • 8 GB of monthly traffic!
  • E-mail with forwarding
  • E-mail User Management
  • Full admin. server access
  • Guestbook
  • Post Card Program
  • Quiz Program
  • Real Audio G2
  • Secure Certificates
  • Server password
  • Server Side Includes
  • Shopping Cart (25 items)
  • Statistical analysis
  • Storage - 300 mb)
  • Telnet/FTP/POP POP