Enter Your Organization's
Name to Win a Free website Development

Free Website Project

Would you like Talahi Media Arts to build or re-design your charitable organization's website... free of charge? Well, here is your chance:

1. How it works 1

Once per year we will choose a candidate from all qualified applications received and design or re-design one complete website for that particular charitable organization. We will also provide the successful candidate with a year's worth of free website hosting (if required).

Each project is treated like a regular design project in that a proposal is given to the successful organization and a proper scope and timeline are decided upon.

Why are we doing this? We make a living out of developing and improving websites. We sleep a little more soundly knowing we occasionally offer our skills to organizations that could not otherwise afford them.

(Don't forget to read the fine print)

2. Qualifications

The following qualifications must ALL be met in order to be considered for the FWP:

  • Registered charitable organization (not for profit)
  • Non-government agency
  • Located in California
  • Five or more employees and/or volunteers
  • Two or more years in operation

For obvious reasons, preference will be given to any organization that can reasonably demonstrate a lack of funding for this type of activity.

Our mandate for the FWP is to choose the organization that is both most deserving and most in need of this service.

3. Online Application

The current FWP application deadline is set for June 1, 2007. The successful applicant will then be selected and a formal proposal will be delivered to the selected organization within 3 weeks.

NOTE: Late applications will not be accepted. All applicants will be contacted after June 1, 2007 to inform them of Talahi Media Art's final decision. Decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

All applications are due on or before June 1, 2007.

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All applications are due on or before June 1, 2007.

If you would like to discuss your application with a human being, please feel free to contact Debora Delaney at (559) 324-0474 or Email Debora

4. Future FWP

The next FWP project will be announced on this page, so stay tuned.

Details of applications that are unsuccessful will be kept on file but will not be automatically entered in the next FWP opportunity. You will have to re-apply, but if and when you do so you need only make reference to your previous application.

1 The Fine Print

Talahi Media Art's reserves the right to limit any of the following types of work on an FWP project:

  • Flash animations
  • E-commerce programming
  • VBScript, JavaScript, CGI or other related custom programming
  • Search Engine Optimization

Successful recipient organization of the FWP must provide Talahi Media Art's with all relevant username and password information in order to access any existing website(s).

Recipient organization will be solely responsible for the content of the website. Talahi Media Art's will not provide writing services through the FWP.

The one year of free hosting will be given only if required, is only valid for the website developed and the hosting package will be chosen by Talahi Media Art's.

Other fees including but not limited to domain name fees, website marketing fees, directory membership fees, maintenance/updating, software and hardware are NOT covered by this project.

The value of the FWP will not exceed $10,000 of service as dictated by Talahi Media Art's.

The finished website will be the sole property and responsibility of the recipient organization. All source/development files remain the property of Talahi Media Art's. Recipient organization holds Talahi Media Art's harmless from all contested matters concerning the finished website.

Talahi Media Art's reserves the right to make reference to any work performed for you in our marketing and sales activities.

Effective website design requires the dedication of time and resources on the part of the client organization. If you are unable or unwilling to provide such resources, Talahi Media Art's reserves the right to terminate development at any time without obligation or penalty on our part.