Working Together We Can Design An
Effective Site With Tools You Already Have!

How We Design Websites

Getting on the web is easy. Making it effective is more difficult. Don't fret about a theme for your site. How do visitors Access and Use the Internet. Together we review existing marketing media and develop your site. Itís very cost effective! Experts warn us to: "Keep it simple!" Something must appear in 5 seconds. People hate to wait, scroll or read. But they would rather scroll than wait. Only 16 percent actually read the words. We understand Design Concepts.
Many Myths abound concerning websites. Some people think a web page is like a printed one. They don't understand scrolling. We get 30 seconds at best, usually less than 15. They see a screen. Nothing happens. They leave.

The key to your Internet success is your message. Bells and whistles don't count. If a page takes too long to load, viewers "surf off" to visit elsewhere! If your site looks the same, month after month, visitors will think the content hasn't changed and will go elsewhere. That's one reason why our Monthly Maintenance Program is vitally important.

E-commerce Program: Get payments online, password-protect sections of your website or build a mailing list. Search Engine Optimization: Bring in targeted visitors who are looking for exactly what you

The Iceberg Theory
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Our 12 Step Program for a Successful website is Talahi Media Art's approach for building effective websites. The following section outlines the complex methods involved in Talahi Media Arts approach creating a successful site.'The are composed of the Design Phase, Promotion Phase and Maintenance Phase.
  • Goals
  • Scope
  • Reseach
  • Design
  • Writing
  • Layout
  • Review
  • Test
  • Post
  • Promote
  • Analyze
  • Update